Day 32: Gstaad to Troyes

IMG 7318

Day 32

Gstaad toTroyes

Can't believe it we crossed into France today. The Palace hotel was a marvel and our  skeleton …

Day 31: Davos to Gstaad

IMG 7263

Day 31


Not sure it could have been any harder. This was a day that threw everything at us. Just can't …

Day 30: Schladming to Davos


Day 30. Schladming- Davos, Switzerland

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We begin our day at the top of a pass and then we did 6 more. There were …

Day 29 Bratislava to Schladming

IMG 0428

Day 29 Bratislava to Schladming. Austria 

Race track and Hill Climb   being chased by others now...


Tony was …

Day 28: Kosice to Brataslava


Day 28 Kosice to Bratislava

Five races today and time controls. It could be are hardest day yet. We raced well …

Day 27: Liviv to Kosice (Couple of Videos to start they are slow to load)

IMG 6944

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Li'viv to

IMG 6957
IMG 6961
IMG 6972
IMG 6984
IMG 6985
IMG 6986
IMG 6992

Day 27- Lviv to Slovakian border then on to Kosice

IMG 6948

Not to far today to drive

slept like …

Day 26: Kiev to Li'viv

IMG 6881

Day 26 Kiev to Lviv about 468km

Our mornings never start with a whimper but we don't want a bang either. Up at …

Day 25: Rest day Kiev


Day 25 

Kiev Rest Day

We are on the river Dniepro, in a Fairmont Hotel. I think it's Canadian at  least it used …

Day 24: Kharkov to Kiev

IMG 6668

Day 24 Kharkov to Kiev

This time change stuff, isn't great, I woke at what I thought was 6:00 but it was 5:00am. …

Day 23: Voronezh to Kharkov

IMG 6573

Day 23 Voronezh to Ukraine-Kharkiv. 407 km

Track day at the border Belgorod race track. First formal time trial …

Day 22: Saratov to Voronezh

IMG 6531

Day 22 Saratov to Voronezh. 

608KM to go today.

There are these moments that are just so right. Last night was …

Day 21: Samara to Saratov

IMG 6476

Day 21 Samara to Saratov

Our start is higher again today as a few got the bad news their cars will not be ready …

Day 20: Samara rest day

IMG 6425

Wow surprised, we are now in 4th in class and 7th overall, cant get too excited as we are only at day 20. Still …

Day 19: Ufa to Samara


Day 19 trying to get to Samara

Probably our worst day yet for flats. We had three blow outs by 11:00am. Two later …

Day 18: Ekatrineburg to Ufa


Day 18.  Yekaterinaburg to Ufa

IMG 6328

One word, exhaustion. We have tried to catch up, with sleep etc, but the continuous …

Day 17: Toomen to Ekaterineburg

IMG 6235

Day 17

Two flat tires yesterday is more than enough. We are getting proficient at changing them but the black flies, …

Day 16 Omsk to Tyumen

IMG 6228
IMG 6201

We headed out early to avoid the crowds the roads were complicated by potholes and ruts but paved  roads. Our …

Day 15 Novosibirsk to Omsk


Day 15

One day of rest HA! If that was rest bring on work. Tony arrived at the hotel at 7:00am. He showered lay …

Day 14 Novosibirsk rest day

IMG 6105

Day 13 :

This was supposed to be a rest day or 'fix-it' day depending on the star of the cars. For us it as definiaity …

Day 13: Aya to Novosibirsk

IMG 6077
IMG 6080
IMG 6090

Day 13 to Novosibirsk 

IMG 6076

The car is certainly in need of a rest as our we but we have 700km to cover and three …

Day 12: Russian Border to Aya

IMG 5978
IMG 6041
IMG 6002

Day 12-CAMP on the Russian Border and into Russia

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I have hot shots, what a great invention. 

Last night was …

Day 11: Uureg lake to Russian Border

IMG 5879

Day 11 border of Siberia

IMG 5969

The Bentleys all lined up below

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This is car #23 he stripped right down here, redressed it was quite the view. He then started the race.

IMG 5887

Wind sun hail snow and rain was the order of the day. Hurricane force winds …

Day 10: Chjargas lake to Uureg lake


Day 10 Chjargas Lake to Uureg Lake

Brilliant sunshine from 5:30am so difficult to sleep after that. What a night …

Day 9: Telman lake to Chjargas lake

IMG 5621

Day 9

Cold last night, about 2 degrees. It woke me and I didn't sleep much past 4:30am. The sun is up by 5 am. …

Day 8: Muran to Telmen


Day 8

Warmer today at the campsite but once agin at 4:00am we had gale force winds. This time we were prepared …

Day 7: Bulgan to Muran


Day 7


Heading out of camp we are now in 10 th spot overall and 5th in our class. I think OK car you are doing …

Day 6: Ulaan Bataar to Bulgan

IMG 5377

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IMG 5410
IMG 5414
IMG 5453
IMG 5454
IMG 5461
IMG 5460
IMG 5456
IMG 5423


Day 5 REST DAY Ulan Bataar

IMG 5356

So today we rest, well sort of, SO much to do so little time. Our arrival last night in Ulan Bataar was crazy. …

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