Day 4: Altanshiree to Ulaan Baatar

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Breaking camp

We are up by 5:30 and met with a brigh clear day . LAst nights windstorm that blew out tent away has subsided and we are met with some local nomads / tribesmen that make themselves at home by wandering into our camp and picking over the cars and gear. They seem intensely curious about the cars and how they work. Some try and climb inside or get under the hood. 

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Breakfast- the morning after

Gary, Jenny and me  all congratulating John and Gary on making it in before midnight last night.

May 31th

Our first night at camp. The Gobi desert can sure blow and the sand storms we encountered has left …

Day 3: Zamyn Uud to Altanshiree


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May 30th

Erenhot, China `across the border to Mongolia and 309 km north to a camp in the Gobi desert.

Day 2: Dai Sea to Erenhot

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May 29th

What a long day, left Daihai at 8:25am exactly and headed Towards Erenhot. The border town of Mongolia …

Day 1: Peking to Dai Sea

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and so we begin, two years of preparation more like a lifetime. Friends wondering for months now have you done …

Car pickup


May 26 th

Pouring here and the pollution is probably the worst we have seen. I understand it hit close to 500 on …

Exploring Beijing

May 24th,

Wednesday night  after walking 15km today  through the mangled streets of Beijing and I do mean mangled. …

Beijing on foot

P2P Warehouse

Our first foray into Beijing becomes a forced march to the forbidden city. Our hotel is located some distance from …

Beijing…got here!

IMG 0004

We're here!

After an 11 1/2 hour uneventful flight on Air China. The price was good, and we thought what fun to …

Last Crazy Week

Ok back in Vancouver after a crazy week in Whitehorse working. We have a contest going for putting something Whitehorsian …

Road trip

borgese in Paris

Sometimes a road trip is just a means to get to an end. A forced march to a point in time and place that greets …

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