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Last Crazy Week

Ok back in Vancouver after a crazy week in Whitehorse working. We have a contest going for putting something Whitehorsian on the back of the car. Wow there were some creative responses.

Interesting article about the race in Road and Track:

It would seem they think we're all insane for doing this!! 

Arrived home at 4:15 and  at the Travel clinic by 5:00pm to get the last of the crazy vaccinations. OK tomorrow two more sore arms. They felt like lead weights attached to me last time I guess we-will see this time. Well at this point I figure the bugs will die a horrible death within a mile radius of us.

Except for Rabies where I am told most couldn't find the vaccine in Vancouver so my friends have indicated they will jump on top of me at the first sign of a wild animal or hide behind me so I can get bitten first.

I got tested and I have the antibodies against rabies. Yippee. The mad dog that bit me last year must be clear.

Home for pizza and think through more stuff. What's left to do? . Tomorrow I pick up logos for jackets and then try to shop for snacks to take with us.

Well maybe food to take with us since it might be few and far between our rest days that we get real food and I know we will need our strength.

Gosh ONE WEEK, scary thought....

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