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Lee-Ann and Tony Strelzow have a long history with classic automobiles and motorsport. We've been involved in numerous motorsport organizations and clubs in the pacific northwest. These include The Sports Car Club of British Columbia as well as the Vintage Racing Club of BC. Additionally, over the years we have supported local and regional events for perfomance driving courses, concourse and vintage car shows. We both maintain motorsport competition/racing  licences in the US , Canada and Mexico.

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As a couple, despite the pressures of career and family, we have always found time to enjoy restoring and driving classic cars. There was usually some old treasure in the garage drooling oil and absorbing Tony and Lee-Ann's spare time, mostly Tonys. Growing up we both were always around cars. My first car was a Triumph and Tonys an MG. Both of our dads loved cars. So fittingly we began our married lives with a rusty 1956 Bentley whilst living in London England and grudgingly sold this  gem to help put Tony through graduate school. There continued a series of restoration projects that included an XK150 an E-type Jaguar as well as a '65 corvette. Most these were restored specifically with the intent of participating in vintage racing and rally events.

'65 vette @ Carrera 1 1

Most recently Lee-Ann and Tony have come off a series of races in Mexico competing in the Carrera Panamericana from 2009 through 2012 as well as the 3 day Road race in Chihuahua, Mexico. These are grueling full-out racing on Mexican back roads. You can view our recent race diary from the 2012 Carrera Blog  by clicking the link. Also on that list the' Targa Newfoundland' road race…Canada's very own endurance road race through the scenic villages of the 'Rock".

The Peking to Paris event promises to be the toughest test of man/woman and machine. The extraordinarily long distances, the poor state of many of the roads in Mongolia and Sibera and the fatigue will push many of the participants to their competative limits. It will be an arduous test of survival and for most, completing the event with car and drivers intact will be reward enough.

Scroll down to see some mishaps and some smiling winning faces.

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A little unexpected off roading  here.

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Finally, we placed. We pocketed some reward money and so the smiles.

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