Day 16 Omsk to Tyumen

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We headed out early to avoid the crowds the roads were complicated by potholes and ruts but paved  roads. Our car now works and yesterday seemed to be full of dispair today is another day. It is close to 700km again. i am tired after little sleep but at least i wont drive too much today. the car is working well not. Some odd sounds but we have signals one headlight brakes and steering. Just the little things. We drive straight through as the scenery is very flat and we pass forests of  Birch trees. I thought Canada had birch trees but wow this is amazing. then we had a flat tire. Oh my gosh were we eaten alive. The buys are think. You cant breath without going in your mouth up your nose and of course biting you.


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We finally arrive at the one time trial today,late in the day. It is set up differently. We must try to go fast but then we must stop get a signature then make the next distance point get a signature and so on. An interesting exercise. FOllowing the exact km placement etc can be difficult. handing in our time card and then getting back up to speed is not easy.

We went relatively fast , its hard to say and since we now have brakes and steering the car handles well. However we once again had a flat tire number 7 then after the time trial we had another flat tire. I was driving.  Yikes, we are running out of inner tubes. Time to contact Cakl and hope he can add it to the order of things. This time we had to get the rim off and then put a new inner tube in. Yukky job.

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Tony struggled for 20 minutes , so much for being early. the South African couple in the newer Bentley stop. T I think it is a 1953, they tell us that TS-3 has been cancelled, there has been a death on the course. We dont know initially where but we find out that it was  an head on collision. the wife was killed instantly the husband is in the hospital. It was quite far from the end of the day so the information is sketchy.  More will come later I am sure. The couple were known to us all and has had a profound imapct on us all.

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We dont have all the details but the roads are treacherous and there are so many trucks to get around. It seems the doctor from the Bentley was the car right behind the accident. He tried to help her. The other car was worse a small child and mother were killed.

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They were from England. I understand the husband rests in hospital but is fine. Her name was Emma.

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