Preparations continue…..

We've packed and sent the car on it way and that was a hugh relief. But the preparations continue. Lee has been working hard on our visas and that has taken a good deal of work through the Mongolian, Chinese and Russian embassies. Don' tknow why is should be so hard to go to MOngolia , I would have thought they would be pleased to have us. My paperwork for MOngolia and China just went through while Lee still has to wait on hers. In the mean time our passports are hled hostage to the emabssy crews unitl the paperworjk goes through. This has made travelling difficult.

I looked at the Mongolian visa stamp on my passport and was impressed by the size, complexity and how 'official' it looked. Just like the money from lesser countries were the bills appear large and exotic. I think it makes them feel like they can punch above their weight by making this stuff look high and mighty.

I have been on the phone to Carl at the Priory to order some spare front and rear wheel bearing. Also put him on alert regarding tires. I have a creeping fear that we will wear out the treads on the gravel roads once we hit Russia and we are only carrying two spare carcasses in addtion to three spare inner tubes. The tubes we can patch not so the carcasses. Hence, I asked Carl to be ready to airlift/drop the tire in Novosibersk or Samara in southern SIberia if the need arose. I can't begin to think how complicated that would be to do so lets hope the need never occurs.

Lee and I just had our "shots" done at the local travel clinic. Seems we need protection from any and all things that fly, crawl and bite. It's cost a small fortune and that does not include the Rabies shot which they recommend but I am out of time for. Lee is protected from her previous encounter with Trinidadian dogs. So it looks like Lee will be my human shield if we run in to any  mad cats or dogs.

© Anthony Strelzow 2013