And so it goes...

We have been reviewing the web site of  some of our other competitors and see that many have gone through a host of similar problems and preparation efforts as we have. In particular, Jenny Mah  a fellow Canadian has had a tough time of it with her 'Model A Ford' having repeated mechanical problems just prior to setting sail. She has worked tirelessly and pulled some all nighters to get the car into our shared container for the trip over. This has not been a walk in the park and certainly there has been little  relaxing for anyone, there is still plenty to do. We are planning our diet through Mongolia. YIKES! Fermented Yak's milk is something we both look forward too with some trepidation.The organizers reassure us that all will be well and the food provided by the locals will be edible. At the same time the medical crew that wipes up the rear (no pun intended)  has said candidly that 60% of  the teams come down with severe GI problems. I guess the food isn't as good as advertised. A little birdy, has told us to beware.

Lee and I are still wearing big welts on our arms from the shots we had last week. Three on each arm. Glad now to have them. If these welts are an indication of how nasty the bugs are I don't want a full blown case of whatever it is that  has swollen both are arms. I hope the GI-normous expense will have been worth it. 

© Anthony Strelzow 2013