Rest day  Novosibirsk Day 14

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What a Day, Tony rushed off with the car. I didnt see him till 6:30 am Tuesday morning. HE worked with these great guys all night to find springs and install. He called me and texted me to keep  me updated. He found springs that they figured would fit from an old Moscovitch, but at 7:00 pm last night he announced they were on the hunt for different ones. Meanwhile he installed brake parts and cleaned brakes and adjusted so we may actually have some. the headlights seem to allude him. He thinks he has it but they just start flickering again. 

At 10;00 he says they have located a Russian military Jeep, that may have springs that will work. By midnight one is installed but there is so much damage on the other side of our car they need to do some major welding. He announces I must drive tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Phillip the organizer takes me for a beer. It gives me a brief history of the Citroen that is in the rally but had one the World rally in 1974. Its plastered on the side of the door. It seems I am distantly related to its driver. Ken Tubman, who Philliip knows very well. There is a book out about Ken Tubman who has a reputation of being a real character doing many unusual stunts in his time. He regales me with many a crazy story. I want to buy the book which he says is now one of those out of print books that has become a collector item. It is a well know book in the car world and talks of Stirling Moss etc.

During the day, I searched for a way to send our sleeping bags etc home. I finally found with the amazing help of the Auto club here the cheapest way. Fed ex wanted over 1000, Euros. Yikes. Finally three of us combined forces and sent about 16 kilos each to our respective countries for a 1/4 of the price. Russian snail mail but Canada could take a lesson. they are open till 8pm and super friendly.

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Jenny and Gary both in Fords both Cnaadians. Jenny is pretty happy to be back with the pack. Hopefully she can repair by sunrise tomorrow.

I restocked our drink supply and searched for overalls. No luck. My handy iPhone translated words for me so it was great. A group of women also wanted to find intesive moisturising creme for their hands and their partners. Everyone is complaining of the damage it has done to their skin.

I did tons of laundry, hotel wouldnt charge. they even folded it.

I am amazed at the generosity of this city. It is almost surreal. We are driven around town for free. I was given 7000Rubles by a complete stranger when I was short of money. They wont take tips. Many of the mechanics who have worked on the cars wont take money . It comes the closest to a Utopia I have ever seen. People  our crowd have been overwhelmed by the local generosity.

Lee Ann 

on we go...

Congress hotel Novosibirsk, security was very tight but the generosity of this city is overwhelming

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